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I am an international librarian and photographer with an advanced level of knowledge and capability in film and digital photography, Lightroom, Photoshop, darkroom and fine art printing. I can use either film or digital cameras and have photographed crystal and glass catalog using large format.


I am adept at studio lighting and flash shooting in the studio and on site for debutante balls and other events at hotels such as the Plaza, Pierre, Waldorf Astoria and Marriott. I can create a studio situation in one hour and break it down in half the time.

In 2016, my photograph “Camel Market in Egypt" was shown at the Soho Photo Gallery, New York City. As a member of the American Research Center of Egypt, I photographed archeology sites, ancient art, landscape and the people of Egypt. My specialty is travel photography and I have photographed in Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and Western Europe.

I photographed President Donald Trump, three Mayors of the city of New York (Koch, Dinkins, and Bloomberg), Barbara Corcoran, Robert Maxwell for Yad Vashem, Laurie Tisch for Hale House, participants in the International Histocompatibility Conference in Yokohama, Japan, New York, Vienna, Vancouver Island and Seattle, Lauber Wine tastings, Whiskey Advocate tastings and individuals, groups, events and graduating classes in publications for Spence, Marymount and Loyola Schools in New York City.


My work has appeared in the New York Times, the New York Post, the New York Daily News, MD Magazine, Hong Kong’s Regent Magazine, Whiskey Advocate and the American Airlines in flight magazine.

I worked for Muir Cornelius Moore, a leading advertising agency where I was the group’s photo buyer. This included photo editing on set for IBM and producing a Charlie Chaplin photo shoot from start to finish.


At Robert P. Gersin Associates, a leading architectural and design firm, I was the in house photographer, where I did  a studio photograph of children winning an Art Director’s and Communication Arts Award.


Through photography I documented the construction of two International Schools while working on staff as a librarian. For them I designed and created an accompanying brochure and promotional slide shows.


I love teaching photography to all ages and have done so at International School Yangon, Myanmar, King Abdullah Academy, Virginia and now as a teacher's assistant at the International School of Photography, New York.

In my classes we cover the art, technique, equipment, literary interpretation of photographs and the intelligence and awareness of photographers.


Now I am involved in creating large fine art prints for exhibition and available for portraits and events.


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